Top 6 Uses of Solar Energy

solar panels houseThe power of the sun’s radiant energy is what makes life on earth possible. The human pursuit has been the continued efforts to harness it in concentrated form and direct it to man’s end. The energy from the sun that gets to the earth can be used to produce electricity or heat through the use of solar collectors. However, solar energy has expanded so much that one can now have many options for use on a day-to-day basis. Below are the uses.

1. Generating electricity for homes
The most common use of solar energy is to generate electricity for homes. Some homeowners are making a choice of installing full solar electrical systems and completely removing themselves from the grid (local power company). Others are choosing a partial system and use the grid as a backup or during the night. The grid provides power only if there is no sunshine.

2. Generate heat for hot water
Solar systems are used to heat water in homes to fill the hot water tanks. These tanks are well insulated to maintain the hot water temperature once the sun goes down. These systems also require the hot water tanks to have a backup heating system. Other fairly inexpensive systems also heat water in the swimming pools.

3. Solar energy for cooking
Cooking with the use of solar energy is much easier than many think. This is made possible by cooking inside a solar oven instead of the conventional types. Some individuals are going an extra mile of making their own solar ovens locally, with the use of tools such as a box, pan, aluminum foil, a duct tape, cooking bag, Styrofoam insulators and a thermometer.

4. Solar powered ventilationsolar energy
It is a very god feeling for a homeowner to have the sun’s power run the bath fans, the ceiling fans and floor fans in your home. Fans are widely used in many homes to move air around for comfort, moisture, and control of smell. Having the flow of air and moisture controlled with the use of solar energy saves a lot on the power bills, as devices that control heating, ventilation and air control typically run powered for a longer time.

5. Solar energy for lighting
Lighting in homes is something we all need. With the invention of the Light Emitting Diodes, homes can now have optimal lighting with minimal power consumption. These small electronic lights are connected through a battery charged system that is powered by the sun’s energy. When sunlight is available, the battery charger charges the backup battery.

6. Public uses
More cities are turning their focus on the use of solar powered road signs to convey the message of road safety to the road users. Many companies are making use of solar power in powering their electronic advertisement screens. Little solar panels are constantly everywhere powering different kinds of electronic displays.

The solar power derived from the sun through the use of solar panels is one of the newest initiatives of the going green campaign. The going green campaign is an initiative to build and maintain renewable and sustainable sources of power.

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