Solar Energy Uses for Business Purposes

solar panel businessSolar energy is the best choice of alternative energy preferred by many companies. With oil prices hiking every day and the widespread concern for the environment, businesses find themselves going for a better energy option, which makes them land at solar power.

Businesses are now making huge steps in the use of solar energy for the dissemination of their services, due to the many advantages solar energy offers. In Virginia, companies such as Fredericksburg Towing incorporate solar system technologies to offer full service towing, rescue and recovery services for both fuel powered and electric powered automobiles that may breakdown in service while in Fredericksburg.

Why are Business Owners Opting for Solar Energy?

For many years, fossil fuels have been the primary source of energy for many companies. However, in the recent past, most business owners are opting for the solar power. The reasons for their choices are as detailed below.

1. It offers independence
Solar energy gives you the ability to predict as well as manage the solar power use and utilization. With this independence, you can save your business from huge energy costs that rise from time to time due to inflation rates. With solar energy, there are no more huge unexpected power bills from the electricity companies.

2. Cutting down operating costs
Every business aims at maximizing profits while reducing the expenses. Solar energy is a simple installation process. The initial costs may be high but not as vast when compared to the totals of a years’ electricity bill of your business. Since there are no longer huge electricity bills to foot every month; that money can find its way into other important areas of your business.

3. Good returns on investmentsolar power
When companies decide to take up the challenge by installing solar energy on their premises, a long-term investment is what is in their minds. As discussed above, solar energy can in a great way reduce the operations costs of your business. With fewer expenses to foot, it means better profits and returns for your business.

4. Solar energy is clean
Solar power is environmentally friendly to its users as opposed to the fossil fuels. Using solar energy for your company gives a guarantee that you are putting your customers’ and employees’ health as a top priority.

5. To acquire the ‘Green Label.’
The green label is a special award to companies that have adopted ways of taking care of the environment. Through the use of solar energy, an organization helps in the reduction of the global warming effect, pollution and other adverse environmental impacts brought by fossil fuels. The green label in your business is a special marketing tool that shows customers your concerns as well as the positive contribution to the environment.

6. Minimal maintenance costs
When well installed, solar panels are known to live for years without getting damaged. Most of them come with a 25-years warranty. With such a long period warranty, replacement, as well as maintenance costs, are significantly reduced.

Application of Solar Energy in the Commercial Sector

i. Solar thermal
Solar energy gets converted into heat energy for various companies to perform all their heating requirements. Some of the heating applications used in industrial areas include

– Heating water for washing purposes
– Heating water degrees for pasteurization and cleaning milk diaries
– Leather industries use heaters to dry and tan the leather.
– Swimming pool heating
– Metal finishing industries

ii. Solar lightingsolar energy business
The solar lighting applications are responsible for the overall lighting of a company. Proper installation of the solar panels will enable the lights to turn on automatically and remain so as desired.

iii. Solar pumping
Through the solar energy, businesses can have their borehole water pumped to the various areas of the company. Although the initial installation costs of the pumping system may be enormous, the operational costs cannot be compared to the same pumping using the diesel generators.

iv. Solar energy for telecommunication networks
The diesel generators have for many years powered the telecommunication towers. However, the high operational expenses have been high resulting into operators seeking for alternatives. Many telecom operators have diverted their telecommunication network installation to solar energy as opposed to diesel generators.

Doubtless to say, many business operators are going the solar energy way. It is the best solution for the present and the future of independent and profitable businesses.

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